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Each time she looked back, he looked better.

At first, she hadn’t really noticed him. Just some short, sweaty guy, poorly dressed with greasy hair. It was only the lecherous smile he was giving her that caught her eye.

A few steps on, she turned again. It was interesting - she hadn’t really noticed that he had pretty nice eyes behind those thick glasses. And the neckbeard hid it a bit, but he had a very handsome jawline.

She turned again after a few moments, curious if he was still there. He was. Smirking at her, now. She had to admit, he had a sexy smirk. He ran a hand through his hair, and she took a second to admire the way his bicep flexed. 

Again, she looked back. He was striding casually, looking at her. He had long, confident strides, probably a product of his height. He must have been, what, six two? He carried it well, his pecs showing slightly through his tshirt. She imagined how one of those large, strong hands would look cupping her ass.

Her heart was beating a little harder when, a few yards down the street, she glanced over her shoulder again. He was still there - a hard-bodied greek god of a man, all nicely bronzed and sweat-glistened in the sun. He walked with a swagger that made her knees weak. She nearly stumbled when he grinned at her, perfect teeth flashing. She wondered how big his dick was.

Meanwhile, behind her, the guy she kept looking at was having a great time. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but every time the girl in front of him turned around, she looked better. She started out looking kind of dumpy and plain, but now… wow. Her hair got lighter, her face got prettier, her heels got higher and her dress got shorter. He couldn’t wait for her to turn around again. Maybe he’d invite her up to his hotel room…

(Source: thehotvault)

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