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This post is inspired by a special little deviant (you know who you are) that I have been talking to recently on here, and that somewhat reluctantly admitted that she still occasionally dates white boys.  See while she is personally repulsed by cuckolds, she feels that it is her responsibility as a white woman to help reduce the chances of any white men finding happiness or sexual gratification.  So as part of her duty to our race, she intentionally seduces silly little white boys, and encourages them to fall in love with her.  She plays with their emotions, denies them any sort of sexual interaction, and  coerces them into thinking they are in a monogamous relationship, and all the while she is fucking any black man that she can find behind their back.

She even claims that cheating on white guys makes interracial sex all that much better. (Although I personally cannot see how it would be worth putting up with their constant whining and other bullshit.)

While I would not suggest dating a white boy to anyone: I do have to respect her dedication to the cause, and the personal sacrifices she must make to insure that they never find women that would actually be desperate enough to fuck them.

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