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Edge for Me.  Edge any chance you get.  Even in public.  Especially in public.  

Never, NEVER cum without permission.  But you MUST touch.  You MUST edge.

Edge until touching yourself becomes automatic… unconscious… continuous… until you don’t even realize you are mindlessly stroking yourself in public, keeping yourself wet and ready for Me.

Edge while driving.  Edge while shopping.  Edge while dining.  Edge while waiting at the bus stop.  Edge while waiting in lines.  Edge when using the bathroom.  

Edge while sitting in the library studying.  Except we both know you aren’t really studying, are you, pet?  

Good girls learn to touch themselves unconsciously.  Obediently.  Addictedly.  That’s not a word, but your pretty little empty head doesn’t know that, and doesn’t care. 

Addict yourself to constant arousal, constant wetness, constant need, and constant availability.  

That’s it.  Edge for Me.

Good girl.

(Source: sea-lilly)

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